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A thanks and a question

Landmark Bob

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Hello everyone!  Seems like this is the spa place to be. :)  I just recently got a beautiful Landmark S for free.  Happened to be in my own neighborhood.  The thing is immaculate, but does have a small leak in one of the upper jets.

So I got it for free, built a deck to put it on and began to run electric.  Got it all the way out to the tub and THEN found out it needs a special subpanel.  The original owner doesnt want me to have his because "it will leave screw holes in the deck".  Watkins wants $500 for one.  So off to eBay I guess unless one of you have a better suggestion.  From everything I can tell, I need the old 31578 (now Eaton 301755).  

Any suggestions on other part numbers, better costs, etc?

Thanks in advance!


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Won't one of these from Home Depot fit your needs?

I used a Siemens panel with 60 Amp GFI, worked great for my need. I mounted it high on the back wall of the house where I could get to it from the deck, the wiring is contained in 1" PVC conduit.

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