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Noise but no flow from pump


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Hi I have an Arctic Spa Cub. It is 10 years old and I have had the tub for 2 years. 

The flow from the pump had seemed weak at times, then recently there was no flow at all. When I pushed the low speed button there was noise from the pump (seemed normal) but no water flow. When I pushed the high speed button there was more noise from the pump (seemed normal) and a very small amount of water flow. 

I removed the pump. The impeller seems fine. I blew air through the lines so I don't think there is an obstruction.

I took it to a spa shop and they said there was no problem with it moving water when they bench tested it. The motor sounded fine, with maybe a bit of bearing noise.

I've read some things that indicate a capacitor might be a problem. Comments?

If there are bearing noises and the pump is 10 years old should I just replace it? Access is a PITA so I don't want to remove/replace any more than necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Is your filter old? Can you remove it and get increased flow. Might be time to replace the filter.

If I had the motor out and disassembled I would have at least had the bearings replaced. Maybe a new seal for the wet end? Did the wet test it? Confirm the impleller doe snot have broken or worn vanes?

The start up capacitor at the end of the motor is relatively cheap as well.  Most any electrical motor shop can change bearings and capacitor cheaper than replacing the motor.





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Thanks for the quick reply. 

I do have the motor out. The shop did wet test it but since it pushed water 1 time they stopped there. Unfortunately it took them 10 days to do that so not the pump is in my trunk and I'm figuring out next steps. 

The filter is not new but my tub doesn't have 2 shut off valves so it had to be emptied to pull the pump. So I can't quickly try removing the filter. Could this cause the flow to go from normal to nothing? 

Taking it to a motor shop is a good suggestion for a next step. Thanks. 

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