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Uneven swimspa

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I'm a newbie here, glad to have found you.  I had an arctic spa swim spa with all the add ons installed this year on a hard ground surface with gravel.  I was told by the dealer that was all I would need if it was tamped well.  It cost 2000 to prepare the site and it was prepared very well but when the pool was place it was out of level by almost 3/4".  We were told this would be fine and to wait over winter, the rainy season where we live in case there is settling before having it leveled. .  In the meantime five months following install, I started getting a flow code-FLC.  According to the chart this could mean a defect in one of the components but the dealer is convinced it's because it's out of level.  It has been out of level since the day of install and I had no problem until recently.  Could it be because of it being out of level or should I push the issue and have them change the component? I have to keep resetting the pool to keep it heated or I'll go to swim and it's lost temperature.

any thoughts on this?

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It could be from any number of "components". It could also be a dirty filter, or not enough water in the spa. You could try pushing to have some arbitrary component changed...but you know that saying about a snowball? It has a better chance.

The dealer needs to come out, and diagnose the problem under warranty. THEN, after it's been properly diagnosed, it can be fixed.

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Thank you both for your advice. As soon as this abnormal snow melts in a couple of days..I will adjust the pressure switch, the dealer also suggested this.  Hopefully that will do it.  I'm going to have it leveled in the spring, I don't think it's a big deal but I'm told by the dealer if it's out by more than about 3/4 of an inch it will void the warranty..so better safe than sorry.  

I haven't been able to use it because we had snow here in Vancouver both in December and now February if you can believe it and enough that the lid was too heavy for me to lift! I can hardly wait to get back in!

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Thanks for asking. Well, I haven't had it leveled yet, and this winter was so brutal I'm just getting back to using it now!! The winter was so bad that we lost five magnolias and and an entire cali lilac hedge! We normally have such mild easy winter months that we got spoiled and this year was a shock.

the company hired a new tech who came out to drop off salt and filters for me and check the pressure switch. He also installed a computer app so that I can adjust my swimspa temperature, pump times etc online from anywhere. And..he told me that it wasn't because it wasn't quite level, it was because my water level was too high and when the lid was down the filters were pushed down causing some sort of back pressure or something on the pump causing the error code.  So..since he has left, almost a month ago, I have had no error codes!

so I will still get it leveled, but will wait another couple months when the person I want to do is back in the country from holidays. I don't see anything in the warranty about the Levelling causing a void of the warranty, but the said it would and I don't want any trouble if anything does go wrong.



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