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Calspa - dually pump replacement issues


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My hot tub is making me crazy...  

I have a Calspa 2100 built in 2001 that had some weirdness going on...   the jets button stopped working on my control pad (thus could not use hot tub with pump in high speed), I could only change temp to kick in low speed...  (I could manually put the pump in high speed by engaging high speed relay).

A new control pad was going to be a couple of hundred..  but because of it's age there was a chance the board was having issues..  so I changed the entire control pack.  (besides button issue the hot tub was working).

I installed a Balboa Spa Control System  54220-Z (VS501Z).

I also replaced the original dually pump (it was so loud that it probably needed new bearings etc), I assumed a new pump would be more efficient and quieter.

I purchased a Waterway 56 series executive pump.   Part Number:3721621-1D

Following the recommendations found online;

I joined the TWO suction pipes together and they feed into suction side of pump.

I joined the TWO return pipes together, and they split after the heater.

The pump I just purchased will only run about a minute on low speed and turns itself off...   it runs only about 10 seconds on high speed and turns it self off.

My neighbor is an electrician and verified that the pump is wired correctly.   My power is via 50 amp breaker via 6 guage wires to spa disconnect 50 amp GFCI, 6 guage wires to control pack.

My electrician bypassed spa control pack and wired pump up directly to GFCI disconnect to test - pump operates the same - will only run about a minute on low speed and turns itself off...   it runs only about 10 seconds on high speed and turns it self off.  (we did this to see if control board was the issue)

So obviously the issue is something with pump/motor.   We did not test amp draw (he didn't have all of his tools at home).

There is no obstruction, and the pump is moving water.   We have tried with all jets open, some closed etc...  and the pump has same issue.

I think the motor has an issue.   What other tests can I do to verify?

Has anybody else had trouble replacing dually pump?


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