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Aquapure 1400 gives code 170


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The plastic window on the cover where gives pool water info was brittle and crack, after the hurricane down here in Florida water got into the system via the cracked window and now beeps with error code 170. Did the rain water shorted out the backboard? Any info on this could be very helpful.




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First of all you should hire an electrician for repairing the backboard rather than doing it by yourself. And I would also like to suggest you that you must replace that plastic window by installing impact windows from the professionals of stormguard impact window and door. Because impact windows resist storm and hurricane and provide protection from debris during hurricane. It provides safety and don't allow high circular winds to get inside the house. Installing impact windows will be far better and beneficial than installing plastic window.

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Ignore Susan.  

Sorry Susan, but you are a bot.  If you aren't a bot, shame on you for soliciting on this site!

Mag, Sorry for the late reply, hope you are still out there...You have a couple of choices.  Depending on how old the Aquapure is, you may want to consider replacing the whole unit.  Or, if you want to repair, the LCD display is directly mounted to the front board and that may, or may not be what has had a short.  I have seen codes that reference a certain component, only to find a different component being the problem, and that can get expensive.  And given the track record of this unit, i wouldn't necessarily trust the error codes if gives 100%.  I have said here before that i, for better or worse, am a Jandy Zodiac warranty station and have the luxury to be able to swap out parts to find the problem. (because as stated before, the error codes can't always be trusted).  Maybe your tech would be willing to work with you and not make you buy components that didn't fix the problem.

The cracked window or membrane, listed as: Control box decal APURE, bottom- (part #R0404400) is still available through the 2017 catalog.  So are the front (R0403900) and back (R0404100) boards.  Logic suggests that you replace the front board since that was the code you got.  Problem is, those units will sometimes display multiple error codes, but what is worse, it will sometimes "stack" codes.  IOW, once you correct what was giving the first code, the next code will pop up.  This is, in my opinion, the definition of snowballing.    

Good Luck.

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