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Combined Chlorine issue

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Indoor pool, 20,000 gallons, salt-Aqua Right T-15 cell. Doesn't have great air flow, pool is open from 8am-10pm.


This pool is for a hotel, the issue is no matter what we do the combined chlorine keeps rising and we can't get it down. So far here is what we have tried.

Water has been on a trickle for 2 weeks, lowering pool by 2" a day, shocked pool with liquid chlorine multiple times. Turned salt off for 2 weeks and manually added 1-1.5 litres of chlorine daily.

Combined readings this week

Mon .40

Tue .80

Wed 1.2

Chlorine sits between 2-5ppm

I have read Chemgeeks posts regarding combined chlorine, any suggestions?









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Other than exposure to sunlight or using a UV system, the only other way to reduce CC is by water dilution.  Non-chlorine shock might oxidize the CC depending on what it is, but usually non-chlorine shock (potassium monopersulfate) does a better job oxidizing precursors before they form CC.  And MPS shows up as CC unless you use the special reagent that eliminates that interference.

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