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artisian spa complaints


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Just got a new spa from Artisian, i was going to buy a jaccuzi brand, but the sales man told me there parts come from China and are made in Mexico... He recommended  a Artisian Spa made here in the US.. Made sense to me that American Made is better and  quality control is also better... Got the spa , it didnt work from the first day, they said a pump was bad,,, got a new pump a few weeks later, they installed it and then everything work, except the ultra violet light for bacteria, which the repair man caught will he was there,,, first night using it, jets where poping off, temp read 102,, thermonter read 98,,, front panel was coming apart, I call the company i bought it from and told them, i dont think this spa had any quaility conrol done to it, maybe made on a friday..... i called artisian,,, left message for some to call me back, 3 time no call back,, finally got a hold of someone the 4th time, explained, so as i said quality contorl, they hung up on me. Any one else have any issuses with artisisan,, buyers, before of this brand-no brand-company. Do your dudiligence and look around, i paid over 10K for this spa, know have to get a attorney and take them to court to return it.

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As an Artesian Spas dealer, I have not had any of the experiences you're encountering.  Not all tubs are perfect but for you to be experiencing this is obviously unfortunate. 

I'd reach out to the dealer and make sure that they take care of you.  Keep up the pressure on them and they'll make it right.  Make sure you let them know you'll write reviews and the likes that reflect how you've been treated.

Again- I know this doesn't help you personally but I've dealt with Artesian Spas a long time and I can say that I have never had a tub that has had several issues from the onset.  And when a tub has, say, a bad motor, or bad board, Artesian Spas overnighted me the parts at no charge. 

So it has to be the dealer.  And again, that is unfortunate for you.  I'd walk into their store and not leave until I spoke directly with the salesperson or a manager and make sure you get what you need.  At the very least they have 3 years parts/labor at 100% if you bought a South Seas Spas or better.  And they're very good at paying out to the dealer for all warranty work.  So get what you deserve and don't let the dealer push you around.

The manufacturer does not keep your personal info on file.  They won't be able to help you as its the dealer who is supposed to keep all of your info, etc. 

Try those things out.  If that doesn't work, get in contact with the BBB and maybe then try to reach out to the manufacturer.

I hope this helps.  Good Luck moving forward.

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