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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading around the forums and learning a lot but still have some trouble. I am looking into getting a open style tub with no lounge. I like the idea of a 7ft or larger tub that is at least 36 inch deep. I am 6'4 and need the extra space. The other people that will be getting in the tub are also tall. I am running into problems trying to figure out what model to pick, the cleaning of the water and getting the most bang for my buck. The two places I have here locally are Hot Spring and Jacuzzi. Both look great but I am not sure what one to go with and what is better with each model. I am not that concerned about how many jets there are or the type of jets. I normally turn off the jets or set them on a very low setting when in a tub. Here is the ones I am looking at so far:

Hot Springs Hot Spot Rhythm - $6k

Hot Springs Limelight Pulse - $10k

Jacuzzi J-345 - $7500

Jacuzzi J-385 - $9k

I like the idea of the ACE system for the Pulse but is it worth the extra money now and when I need to update it? I could also do without this and I hear you can get the water to a super clean level using silver ion? I would like to avoid high use the chemicals to avoid skin irritation. Will the Rhythm keep the water as clean as the Pulse or the Jacuzzi tubs? I see the Jacuzzi tubs have a system called ClearRay. How does this compare to the Hot Spring filtration? How is the build quality of each?

Any help you can give between Hot Spring and Jacuzzi will really help.


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