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Strange Pump Behavior & No Full Power Jets


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Hi Everyone,

I just joined the community here looking for some help with my hottub which started acting weird. I *think* I mostly likely need a new pump, but I figured I'd post and get some opinions first.

It's a 2010 and the spa was made by a company called Strong Spas. It has a Balboa Revolution (TP600) control system and a Water Way pump (model # PV-30-2N22C). I don’t know much more than that as the tub came with the house.

Anyway, it’s worked fine for the last 3 years that we’ve had it. Today we went to use it and when I opened the cover the low power jets were running, I figured it was either heating or filtering, so didn’t pay much attention. I hit the Jet button again to turn on the full-power jets and the pump made a loud grinding/hum noise and then shutdown. If I hit the button again for low pressure jets they’ll come on and run normal, but as soon as I try to turn it to full power jets the pump makes a noise and then shuts down.

I took the side panels out to investigate and couldn’t find anything obviously wrong, although the motor does seem to be running hot. I turned off the main power and left it for about 4 hours, then turned the power back on and tried again with the same results.

If I watch the pump when someone else turns the jets up I can see it running normally, then as my wife hits the jet button the pump does step up to full speed (although noisy) for about 2 seconds and then shuts right down. If I don’t touch anything after it shuts down, every minute for so it’ll start itself up to full power, run/grind/hum for the 2 seconds and then shutdown. Turning the jets back to low power the pump resumes normal operation.

So far my thoughts are:

-Capacitor on the motor is too weak to get the motor to full speed – maybe not likely since it does run at full power for a second or two…

-There’s a faulty pressure switch somewhere that’s shutting the pump down thinking that it’s dry (it’s not – I’ve checked and there doesn’t appear to be air in the system, and the water level is where it should be)?

-The pump itself is bad/worn out and it putting itself into some kinda protection mode whenever the jets are turned up?

Any help or advice with this is much appreciated.

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I think you may be right!

Last night I had left the main power off and tried it again in the morning....It was still acting as described above, but this time I heard a load click come from the controller whenever I hit the jet button. I called my wife over and had her hit the button while I tried to isolate the sound, as soon as I touched the controller the full jets came on. Since then it's been acting fine, although I expect it to start trouble again soon enough...

When it does, is the controller a serviceable unit? If it is, any idea what the fault inside of it might be?

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