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Sundance Capri Gasket Leak, Fixable Or Not?


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I have an older (2005) Sundance Capri. Last winter I ended up having it winterized because it really needs a new cover, which wasn't in my budget, and I figured the cost of heating it would be prohibitive.

When I fired it up, it ran for awhile, then appeared to have blown the Flo switch. <sigh> That has been replaced, but it now seems to have a fairly substantial leak around a 'heater?' part (around the seam). I took a picture, so will try to see if I can include it ... the tech who looked at it (not a Sundance one) thinks the entire part will need to be replaced. :(

I would love to have more info so I can make an informed decision. If needs replacement, part # and/or cost. I love my tub, and would really like to keep it running if I can. However, I don't have a ton of money to sink in it either ... :(

Thanks so much for any help you can give me! :)


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Thanks for your response. It's not the hose. It's leaking along the seam, I don't think it's cracked, at least not the part I can see. The tech said that is usually a gasket, but suggested replacing the whole thing. I did actually consider some sort of sealant, but suspect that if it's a gasket, that it will continue to leak in the back part that I can't get to. :(

Is that a definite on the part? I see it can't be canceled or returned once an order is placed. I can only see what I showed in the picture, and don't want to take it apart for fear of making it worse. At least it is currently useable, though sure wouldn't be if it was in the house! Only leaks under pressure - when Circ or jets are running.

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If the housing is leaking, looks like it 1 piece... but is it the hose or the housing?


You could drain it enough to try some epoxy if the housing is cracked.. cheaper than replacing

Oops. Replied to this, but looks like I didn't do it correctly, looks like I did it in the thread by mistake.

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