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Hi all,

First post here, so appreciate that there are forums dedicated to the water life :-)

I have had a pool now going on 3 years. My question is in regards to backwashing, specifically a DE filter. I have a DE filter but I do not have a backwash system. I typically have to drain it, take the cover off, and wash the filters, then reassemble. Backwashing would probably make my life easier, as the backwash cleans the filters/grids. Can you make a backwash system, or does the system come with it? If so do I just buy the backwash valve and install?

I also ask because I didnt have this pool installed, we bought the home from someone who did, so I am a bit curious on this.

Thanks for the help!

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You can buy a multiport valve with the backwash option in it. Then, you just have to provide a way to dispose of the water. Typically, it is routed to the same place as you do to drain the pool.

With my own DE filter, when I get to around 25psi, I backwash. After that, the pressure drops back down to the normal 15psi. I can do this a few times before I have to breakdown the filter and hose off the grids. It is important to note that when you backwash a DE filter, the DE is removed and goes out with the water. So, you have to replace what is removed.

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