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Filter Pump Cuts Out After 45 Minutes

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My filter pump keeps cutting out after about 45 minutes of running. It's not obviously overheating. When I let it rest for a couple hours it turns back on then repeats the same cycle. Any insight? I have a starite system 3 filter with an aquapure salt system. No other issues except for a leaky gasket on the filter.

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Yes, during the 6 hour cycle I have it set for. I run my pump for 6 hours, (switching to 8 soon), it is on a auto program set daily 8am-2pm. It was cutting out after about an hour. TheN about a hour later kicked back on. This repeats for about 3 times during the program.

Update: as of 6-15 now the pump will not even fire up. My Aqua link shows the program is on, no motor on, no filtering. Help me, I'm turning green! I'm guessing it's a bad pump motor but I'm just a guy with mild to moderate common sense.

The leaky filter gasket issue is resolved, I cleaned my filters and got a new gasket using some plumbers grease. Essentially no leaking. Of course with the pump not working, it is difficult to assess leakage.

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It could be the contactor in the automation panel that is connected to the motor. Typically you can measure 24V at the contactor on the coil side to ensure that the automation is applying voltage to the contactor. Then measure 240V on the line (source) side and nothing on the load (motor) side.

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