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Minimax Nt Heater Not Working?


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Not sure if this is the right place for this post. Please redirect or let me know and I'll move it to proper location....

Had this heater that came with pool when we got the house. first try didn't work, but ended up being the orifices, and after cleaning the burners and all, it was working great...for about 2 seasons. End of last season, went to turn it on and it just cycled about 3 times and then just shut off. I get the 3 flash led which means ignition lock out. Anyway, at the time, I ordered a new ignitor. The old one I tested, and I was getting no continuity. Installed the new one, and same problem. I tested the new one and it showed continuity. The new one, btw, is a flat surface ignitor ( i guess the upgraded version for this model) I didnt really know much more then a continuity test to do on it. From there, I sort of quickly went through some tests until I closed up the pool and gave up on the heater. So, I guess, considering the above mentioned, I am back at the starting line, and if anyone out there can walk me through some troubleshooting, would greatly appreciate it. I read to test that I was getting 24v to the ignitor from the control box. I put a tester on it on the volts setting, and got nothing, as it was cycling to start up. But really, I am not even sure if I was testing it correctly...

forgot to mention a few more details...the lights come on in sequence as they should. blower comes on. thermo light, pressure light, and the final light, the heater light comes on...this is when it seems to be trying to fire up. I smell a faint wiff of gas, and click or two, then it just stops. fan stays on...does this about 3 times then the heater shuts off and I get the 3 flashes on the led...no error on the front panel.

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Do you have a wiring diagram for this unit? Do you know how to read it? Are you electrically inclined?

What is the Model#?

Is your surface ignitor (HSI) glowing when you hear the click?

Also, how far away is the gas regulator?

In general, it is best to get to know your pool heater. You WILL have problems with it in the future and the more you know about it, the faster you can resolve the issues.

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