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How To Fix Leaking 2 Inch Flex Pipe?


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I have a 2011 Strong Milan tub. I noticed a few weeks ago the water level going down and a wet spot on the pavers. It took a while but I traced it back to a pin size hole (only leaks when motor is running) off the secondary pump. Anyway I'm not sure how to fix it. I did order a 2 inch coupling. My main concern is what to use to cut the hose?

I've never fixed any of these hoses before, I had a leak in one a few years ago and it was replaced under warranty

Attached is a link to a short video clip



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Before I installed custom plumbing with new shut-off valves for my spa (27 years old at that time)


I investigated replacing the internal-leaking gate valve/knife valve on the right (like yours in your photo) which would've required re-connecting flexible hose like the type you have leaking in your video.

I was told that the flex tubing is PVC, so could cut and glue using traditional PVC cement. So maybe you could cut at the source of the leak and glue/insert a PVC union (like from Home Depot) or a barbed union there to repair. You could use a standard utility knife to cut the hose. 1-utility-knife.jpg

First you may want to clean/dry and just try PVC cement, build up a thickness.

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Do NOT use, or try to use a utility knife. Flex PVC has a spiraling reinforcement piece that would be VERY difficult to cut cleanly through. Use a hack saw. You MUST use PVC primer (then glue) on flex PVC (or sand the pipe to clean off the glaze).

Just cut it right in the middle of the hold and glue in the coupling. Easy.

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