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Dr. Spa,

I genuinely appreciate your feedback on spa matters. I see there are a lot of questions out there. My ambiguity (for which I apologize) stems from being a beginner spa searcher. That being said, my question about the tub having only single pump was meant to be more of a general feeler question. This is also why I added the link to the specific tub. This model is being offered for $4900 at California Backyard. Looking for responses that explain why 2 or 3 pumps may be better than just 1 pump. Or, "Artesian Spas" have a good or bad track record of reliability.

Does that make any sense?

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Artesian Spas is one of the better manufacturers out there. They stand very solid behind their product.

As for the number of pumps. 1 is fine, if the spa feels good to you. 3 or 4 may feel better, or worse, will definitely cost you more initially to buy, and require 3 to 4 times the maintenance as compared to 1 pump, over the life of the spa..

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Mine has one pump; I'm still using the original water pump/electric motor on my 1988 CalSpa. I did have to take it out and replace its seal once. It also has an air pump that can be switched on, for more "action" as the salesman called it.

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