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Ten Year Old Hot Tub?

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A neighbor recently offered me her hot tub (no charge). She is remodeling and apparently it no longer fits in her plan. I will be looking at it this weekend. All I know at this time is that it is 10 years old. She says its received regular upkeep. That being said, I don't want (or need) someones junk. Is 10 years old a deal breaker?

I will post more info (brand, model) after I see it...

Thanks guys,


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"...regular upkeep" meaning that it is in service right now? Then you're all set.

If not, then you're gonna want a lot more info. Most issues seem to develop when not in use (especially when not stored properly).

10 years old is not a big deal. Parts will wear and need to be replaced over time but that applies to most anything.

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