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Help! Questions About A New Hot Tub


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ok I wanted one for a while, my neighbor wanted to give me her old one, after looking at it I decided to buy a new one instead( she had a vita like 15 years old in bad shape)

my question are, what do I look for when I go into a store, how many jets?, what brand pump, or horse power , I have seen a couple of diferent brands, caldera , Jacuzzi, hot springs and signature, this last one was the most affordable one , but I just did not like the sales

person, it started with price of $5200 and before we left he was offering it for $3800 if we paid cash

I think the Jacuzzi was the j325 the j335 and the caldera was the tarino, don't remember the hotspring since it was the most $$ and we did not want to spend that much,

also the other question is if theres a difference in the 220 v to the 110v, I live in south florida, the coldest it gets here is around 50f and that's for about 2 or 3 weeks , I don't want to have to get out of the hot tub because the temperature drops to fast in the 110, but Isales person says that what you lose its minimal, maybe a degree in a n hour

thanks for the help, tomorrow I am looking at Nordic and bullfrog, also Costco has home and garden spas that look the same for $4000 as well as lifesmart, are they any good?

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