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Hi everyone:

I am doing research like I do on everything and think I have narrowed it down to 2 manufactures. Caldera & Marquis They both seem like higher end brands and I am trying to find what the real differences are performance wise quality of pump, jets, maintenance and insulation since I live in New England. One thing that stands out is the Marquis in made in the USA, but they seems more expensive? I work in the manufacturing industry and appreciate products made here.

If there is anyone out there that has some pros and cons of the 2 brands it would be greatly appreciated. I will wet test both at the end of the day but I tend to focus on how things are built and perform.

I also wanted to mention this purchase is more for therapy than leisure. I do have achy knees and shoulders so if one has better aspects in that department it would be good to know. I am also looking at a cost of 8 to 10k.

Thank you for any advise.

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