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I am new to this forum and I have been doing as much research as i can.(about 3 months) to research therapeutic hot tubs, it does not work so well. I go to the gym 5 days a week and know that a good tub will help by body repair.

At this point I am leaning towards Caldera Makena. I definitely want a lounger but really want enough quality jets to hit my whole body. As more of you experienced ones out there know, more jets are not necessarily better.

There are a lot of manufactures and styles out there is is very tough to choose. I am an engineer so i will research a lot.

Any input is helpful!

The new guy!

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What's therapeutic to one is not necessarily therapeutic to another (therapeutic for ME, is simply great depth and hot water...NO jets). After 3 month reading this board I would think you'd know BEYOND ANY DOUBT that the ONLY way to tell what will work for YOU is to wet test.

My observation though has been that engineers so over think things, they very probably could be better off going with my initial recommendation, or they may quite possibly never get anything (by the time you think you have it all figured out, everything has changed and you have to start all over :-). I had an engineer customer once that took TEN YEARS to do the research and decide. I think the only reason he bought from me was in the 10 years nothing on my product had changed...every one else's had. So he went ten years without...and I can almost guarantee he would have been more than happy with anything he had bought. The differences between quality manufacturers just aren't all that great.

GO BUY A HOT TUB! You'll be happy with whatever you get.....just wet test it first.

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Okay, I guess that is answer? Typical sales answer that is! I want to buy something that is quality built. I work in a manufacturing industry and know they are not all created equal. It's like saying "you want to buy a sedan" Just go test drive it and you will be fine?

I don't take buying a product lightly, I work to hard for my money and want to get the best product (what I am looking for) I can for my money. I am looking for a spa for muscle repair. Soaking in hot water (no jets) is not enough!

So do you have anything to say about the Caldera spa I mentioned? I am looking for advice/ opinions on the Spa it self.

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