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New Tub Cloudy Water - Filter Compartment Coincidence?


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Hotsprings instructs users to put all chemicals only into the filter compartment. We are using bromine granules, and coincidentally?? the only time my water remained clear is after I put the bromine in the main tub area rather than filer area. Is this a coincidence?


I have a new hotsprings Pulse spa and the water was cloudy after several days. I discovered the installer put the ozonator check valve in backwards. After many attempts with dealer to fix the chemistry, we finally drained and refilled tub,

Then followed all instructions and water became cloudy after a few days, I proceeded to put in bromine 2.5 tablespoons for 380 gal tub. After 16 hours no free bromine detected. Ph 7.2 and alkalinity 122 water still cloudy

Next I put in 4 tablespoons (super shock) but this time directly into tub not thru filter area (I also changed filter) Note "older" filter is only 1 month old and has been rinsed every week. Left cover off for 6 hours.

Now finally water is clear. What was the problem?? Filter, putting bromine into filter area, check valve? other??

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Oh sh*t, really bad situation. Very well that I use reliable water systems. I also have own spa-centre, but it is pretty small. however even for it, we tried to install the best water softeners on the market. We have especially choose the brand of filter with long guarantee and anytime support. Think that for spa centers it is very important not to left without any water and to wait the plumber for 3 days. And only water softeners San Diego have the same number of certifications. I hope that you would take my advice

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