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Help With Above Ground Cartridge Filter


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My son has an old Dryclad above ground pool maybe 10m rectangle and it came with the house he bought. It has worked for him for a few years now without any trouble but lately every now and then (months apart) it pushes out a release plug at the bottom of the filter casing and the pool water goes out until it stops at the skimmer box level.

He says when this happens he cleans the filter cartridge , fills it up again and it is fine for another few months. I figured the cartridge must have been really blocked but he says no more that normal when he cleans it every few days.

On looking at the filter setup I am confused and could do with some clarity if possible.

It is a Pantera PCF60 filter with a lid and pressure meter on the top. It has a paper filter.

On the bottom it has 2 IN's and 2 OUTs.

He has a Onga LTP550 75 HP pump.

An expandable hose goes from the skimmer to the pump inlet and out again to an filter IN.

A filter OUT goes back to the pool through the normal hole

The other Filter OUT also goes to a hose which goes back to the pool but not to any pool connection, just a loose hose.

The last is the second OUT which has a plug in it.

This is the plug that evidently is pushed out due to pressure I assume.

Because the expandable hoses are smaller than the filter IN and OUTLETS, the filter has plugs that are downsized so the hose fits on them.

I can't seem to find anywhere to see whether this set up okay or whether the other In should be the one used not the present one.

A bit confusing for all of us I'm afraid.

Any advise please.



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How long have you had the filter cartridge in service? They don't last forever. The fact that you have to clean it every couple of days makes me think that it needs to be replaced. Not the whole filter, just the cartridge. Could you post a pic of the plug and hose that pops out? This too isn't normal.

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