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Very Bubbly Water With Air Jets, High Ta


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Recently I had my scum bug sponge get stuck in the top of the filter area over night. When I took it out the Pleatco filter was bright orange (from all the oils and scum from the sponge). A few soaks in the filter cleaner and the filter was back to normal.

However the TA was up close to 200 and I have been adding a lot of PH down the past week (currently at 160 TA and 6.8 PH). TDS is at 1300, Calcium is at 250. I just added some granulated chlorine (di-chlor) which has the TC up to 9 (added to help kill off oil in tub from sponge) and am waiting for it to come back down. I am shocking the tub nightly to burn off the used chlorine.

When i turn on my jets (with the air off) the water turns slightly milky, and when the air is open the tub is completely white from air bubbles. The water has a weird chemical smell to it. A few minutes after the jets are off the water is back to crystal clear.

Does anyone have any ideas why the air creates so many millions of bubbles? Thanks.

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Sorry to say, but you might be better off with a refill. Trying to diagnose the problem may take some time. Often the easiest solution is to start again with a drain and clean then a refill.

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