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2005 Hotsprings Grandee G


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Hi, New to the forum and have a question for you all. My hot tub trips the 20 Amp GFCI when I turn the pumps on sporradically. Most typically noted on jets 2, and if they do come on then I turn them off and back on it will trip. Once on they run strong for 30 + minutes.

So, powering on pump 1, then pump 2, may work fine, however if I turn pump 2 off it trips the breaker when I turn it back on. I disconnected pump 2 from the IQ2020 and pump one had noe problems.

My best guess is its the capacitor, but newb to hot tubs. The hotsprings store said that you cannot buy a capacitor alone, and would need to buy a motor. They also offered to come check it out for a $200 service call.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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