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I hear that 'AHH-SOME' is the best product available for cleaning hot tub pipes. Do you add it to the water weekly to maintain clean pipes or do you ONLY use it prior to dumping the water as a one off treatment ? The reason for asking was that I was surprised at how little the manufacture suggests using compared to other pipe cleaners.

Somewhere I saw a link to a review about 'AHH-SOME compared to other cleaners...............has anyone got the link ?


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You only add it to the water prior to a water change. They are a good manufacturer and do not try to oversell their product. They do have some maintenance products for other purposes but generally their hot tub flush product and their pool and spa filter cleaning products are used only as needed, which for a hot tub is during a water change.

The threads comparing Ahh-Some to other products are Seaklear Vs Ahh-Some Test Results and Spa Purge Product Shootout -- 2Nd Experiment.

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