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Cleaning Blower Pipes.


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I've just completed a deep clean on my hot tub as I always do twice per year. This involved raising chlorine levels to 50ppm, adding Lo-chlor tub cleaner, running blowers/jets as per the instructions, dumping water and re-filling. Today I removed one of the panels from the side of the Arctic Cub to check for leaks the pipes for the jets were perfectly clear however, the pipes for the BLOWER jets were in many cases full of black sludge.

I'm not an expert on the mechanics of hot tubs however, I would assume that air (not water) travels through the blower pipes rather than water as it would on the water jets ? If so, how would I best remove the black sludge from the air lines as any cleaner added to the water is not going to travel the length of the pipe (albeit I assume a bit would get into the blower pipes). I can't remove the pipes to clean as they are glued on at either end................someone did suggest cutting the pipe in the middle, cleaning and then reconnecting with a connector (is this a good idea?).

Is the tub safe to use in this state ?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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