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Intermittent System Shutdown


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I turn to the best source of help available as to solving unique pool issues. Members have helped me greatly in the past and here I am again.

A 2 year renovation on our 1400 gal redwood, vinyl lined, in deck hot tub is drawing to a close. It's been one long battle and for the time being we are down to one significant problem. My system shuts down about half the time when the in tub sensor calls for heat. This holds true whether in filtration or idle but seems less likely to occur if the jets are turned on first. When operating normally, I have hi-lo jets on my 2 spd pump, and heat functioning normally. When it faults, both indicator lights on my topside show jets and heat working but they are not. I have also noticed quite a variance in the temp of the pump motor at various times which is a puzzler... sometimes cool and sometimes too hot to hold your hand on.

Equipment, all new :

United Spas C5 controller w/ T7 topside, stand alone Raypak 11kw heater, Waterway 1.5 hp, 2spd pump, Our supplier guru (John at poolspahelp.com) coached our electrician on the use of a contactor box and the proper way to wire the system. At this point having replaced the C5 and T7 and sensor and pump, I'm figuring it's a contactor issue and/or the result of mismatched equipment from the gitgo although our tub DID operate flawlessly for some weeks. We are living with it for now worn down with one thing after another. If anyone has knowledge about how this system would be wired and whether or not a contactor could cause our problems, I would appreciate any input as to what may be the problem.

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I have replaced the motor during this shake down along with the controller and topside. Each time the problem stayed constant. I think it's a bad contactor(s) mounted in an external box and/or the way my system is wired. An electrician is in order I guess but the previous 2 and a spa repair dude accomplished nothing. Fortunately, a few tries get her heating and we keep our fingers crossed while Winter sets in.

My suppliers' way of coaching the electrician when they were here installing has me suspicious as does his observed disappearance from the web.

Anybody have any poolspahelp.com experiences or stories???

thanks bk

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