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Concrete Hot Tub Pad


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See if there is a minimum load from the concrete company or a premium for a small load. I poured a base for a gazebo, they had a fee for loads under six yards. I ended up pouring a slab that was seven inches thick for the same price as a four inch slab.

Your county/state might also require a ground strap on your slab, in which case you would have to attach that to the steel reinforcement in your slab, check your local requirements.

I can't help with whether or not you should put conduit in the slab, that depends on your hot tub and about the size of the slab. I know that you should have something to take up the expansion of plastic conduit if it penetrates the concrete or it will crack your slab, I've used closed cell foam pipe insulation where the conduit penetrates the concrete.

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