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Main Drain Suction


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Most pool professionals could remove the drain cover and blow out the drain line using an air compressor. Just have to be careful, use a regulator to control exactly how much air pressure you are pushing the debris out with. If you do this and continue to have the same problem, as long as the pool isn't leaking, you just have a bad initial pool plumbing installation. You may try to upsize the pump to a greater horsepower if you feel you need the additional suction from the drains, however keep in mind when changing pump size, you have to match the flow rates to the filter and pipe size / number of pipes in your pool system. Hope this helps!


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I would not advise blowing the line in the direction of flow. Always flush in the reverse direction (from the skimmer or pump) BACK towards the main drain. The obstruction will more easily come out the way it came, as opposed to continuing farther into the area to which it became stuck in the first place. Only as a last resort and in an effort to dislodge one could go "back and forth" with flushing.

Having said that, you may not even have an obstruction. If your main drain line comes up to, and is plumbed into the skimmer, draw from the pump is shared between the skimmer and the MD.

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