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In Need Of Some Serious Help!


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Okay, so I know nothing about spas....at least i didn't before I got this monster dropped in my lap. (I have been learning as I go) She is 2000 gallons of pure frustration! My numbers wont stay constant. My pH is extremely high as is Alk. Chlorine bottomed out this morning. I am at the end of my rope. Its an indoor spa with a sand filtration system. We are in a very small town so I have no way of having someone to come look at it. My readings this morning using the taylor chem test kit are as follows:


Alk: 160

Cl: 2

Can anyone help me before I try to drown myself? Let me know what readings you need, i can take them. Anything other info i can try my hardest to find. I need to get this thing leveled out!


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The pH is rising quickly because the TA is too high. Did it start out high because of your fill water? Is such water from a well?

If you significantly lower your TA by adding acid and aerating, that will help to stabilize the pH. Your TA should not be higher than 80 ppm and if you are using a hypochlorite source of chlorine (e.g. bleach) instead of Dichlor, then it should be even lower, as low as 50 ppm, but you would then also add 50 ppm Borates (from boric acid) for additional pH buffering.

After you get your TA lowered, you should look at minimizing aeration in your spa since that drives off carbon dioxide and causes the pH to rise. Of course, you may use your spa jets when in the spa though if you can control how many jets are on to only those you need, that will help.

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Chem geek,

I actually drained the spa this morning and scrubbed it out. The numbers were off the charts besides the chlorine which has been sitting at 0 unless I add instant chlorine to the water. I think the switch that controls the water allowed into the chlorine cylinder is bad. I can turn it from 0-5. It's been on 3 the last few days and chlorine is still reading at a zero. This spa is in a hotel but it's our slow season. When I checked the PH of the fill water (city water) I had a 7.8, I'm not sure if they normally run at that number. I back washed the system last week because the psi on the filter was sitting at 20 psi when it normally runs at 16 psi. I will have more information tomorrow on numbers. It seems to stay steady for about a week after draining, and sky rockets again, but that whole process takes about 2 days to complete. Filling a 2000 gallon spa with a garden hose takes time haha. Thanks for your reply!

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After draining the spa and adding dry acid, the Ph has dropped to 7.2. The alkaline is still at 200, would i keep adding the dry acid everyday until the alkaline drops to the range that I want? The chlorine is at a 2 right now and i am working on bringing that up. I am hoping that the levels can stay steady as I am going on vacation. Thanks for your help!

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You could accelerate the TA lowering process by lowering the pH close to 7.0 and aerating the water and adding acid whenever the pH rises some. This process drives out carbon dioxide from the water faster since that rate is increased at lower pH and with more aeration.

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