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Merlin Industries Safety Pool Cover


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I had a solid safety pool cover installed a few year ago by Kos pools Located In NJ and manufactured by Merlin Industries Locate also in NJ. The cover has a ten year warranty. This season (2015) I uncovered my pool and to my surprise the cover that was exposed to the pool water all the safety support straps deteriorated. I call Bobby from Kos Pools who I bought the cover from and he did the installation. He told me to contact Merlin Industries the manufacture. I called Merlin Industries they told me that I would have to go through Kos pools and have them take pictures of the problem. Called Kos pools told them what Merlin told me. Waited four week no Kos Pools and no answer after repeated phone messages to Kos Pools. Called Merlin Industries told them what was going on with Kos Pools. Now they tell me to take the Pictures email them, which I did. They got back to me and told me no warranty because it was a chemical reaction, but they will discount a new cover and take generous 10% off Which would bring me at $1700.00 with no springs or anchors (16x32 POOL). I asked what kind of pool cover is this if it has issues with chemicals you need to use to winterize your pool and why is my pool liner fine without any type of issues. Any chance that the material that you are using could be defective. Some more excuses from them. They said I would have to go through Kos pools. After repeated calls and messages to Kos pools no response, once again I Contacted Merlin Industries told them of my problem and they still would not deal with me directly. . Stay away from Kos Pools and Merlin Industries. If you have any type of issue with any of their products they will not deal with you even if you have a company that installed the cover that is a distributor of their products and does not respond to your problems or they go out of business. Just one more company that makes many claims on the internet how great their products are, except when you have a problem, then the excuses come out how its some other issue that cause their product to go bad. Example you buy a light bulb, install it, you turn the light switch on the bulb burns out, you bring it back to the place you bought it from, he tells you it's your switch no the bulb or that you turned the light switch on to fast. You see some company's think that we as consumers are gullible.



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Your own pictures seem to correlate the response by Merlin. I've had a Merlin cover for 6 years and it looks the same as when it arrived. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality cover. I did my homework 6 years ago because I wanted to find the best cover. I had many folks recommend Merlin. They also listed several other manufacturers that provide a similar quality product. I liked Merlin because the fabric was purported to keep out the sun to prevent algae growth while allowing rain water and air exchange and it does just that. Every Memorial Day when I remove the cover, my pool looks just like it did when I covered it in late September. However, in reading this case, I think Merlin could have, at least, discounted a new cover further than the 10% to promote customer service. I actually think a free pool cover by Merlin would have been much cheaper than the negative publicity but, my guess is that Merlin has these kind of pool owners looking for them to bail the customer out because of the customer's failed chemistry practices.

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