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Cleaned Filter, Pressure Dropped To 6 Psi And Pump Sounds Like Gravel


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Hi Everyone.

Thankful there is a forum for pool aficionados to go to for help.

Our issue:

We have a Hayward CX1750 re filter (cartridge is perhaps 18 months old and the pool is rarely used (and always spotless) so to me the cartridge has not seen very high mileage), and a Sta-Rite 1 hp (1.65 hp) pump model p6e6e-206L running on a 20,000 gallon saltwater pool. recently added cyanuric acid so I needed to leave out filter baskets for a couple days. Ran through the process. Of course that is supposed to raise the pressure some for a couple of days. After four or five days, realized that pressure was staying high with the filter so I power washed the filter. Now, reassembled, the pressure has dropped from about 22psi to about 6-7 psi, which seems low compared to the typical average of 13-15psi for our pool. More importantly, the pump sounds like it has little stones in it EXCEPT when I reduced the flow at the intake on the skimmer (I just stuck some fingers in the intake pipe), which naturally increases suction. When I do that, the sound of small stones rolling around in the pump just goes away. Can't stand there with my hands in the pipe forever. I hope that somebody here has experienced this.

Disassembling the pump doesn't look challenging, so if it seems that the impeller is at the heart of things, I can do that, but when we restarted the pump, it ran nearly silently for the first 8-10 seconds, then the stones noise kicked in, which suggests to me that there is nothing clogging the impeller.

Any experience with this? If so, suggestions welcome very much.

Thanks for reading!


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