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Sundance 880 Series 2005 Majesta Oh And Sn3 Error, Frequent Watchdog


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We received this spa upon purchase of our house. It is a 2005 Sundance 880 series Majesta. We have had constant problems from day one. It has always overheated to mid 100's - 110's, no matter what the thermostat is set at (even the lowest setting of 80), and would also constantly trip the circuit breaker, and routinely go into watchdog. Over the winter it got so hot the heating element melted through the casing and it leaked. I patched the hole with water weld so the tub could hold water, but the heating element has not heated since. The temperature correctly reads in the 70's, but just does not heat and constantly runs. I was told I would need a new heater, and should also replace the high limit and temperature sensors. I purchased these and replaced them, and am confident it was done correctly. Now, upon startup, it reads that the temperature is 106 when it is really about 76, and gives the OH and Sn3 error code, indicating the temperature sensor is bad. I've switched back and forth between my new and old temperature and high limit sensors and the same problem persists since placing the new heater. The heater will start heating on startup (I can feel it get hot briefly) but then instantly will stop once the error codes kick in.

Any suggestions, is it possible the new temp sensor I received is bad too, or may there be an issue with the circuit board? Any help appreciated, thank you.


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In follow up, the new temperature sensor was actually bad and I received a new one that is working properly. But the original problem we have had from the beginning still persists. Spa is still overheating, and eventually goes into watchdog. I currently have it set on economy mode with 15 min filter cycles and an hour circulation pump run a day (the minimum). I have noticed that the circulation pump seems to never turn off. It will turn off, but then immediately comes back on. It gets very hot after being on a few hours and I think this is the issue. Is this likely a circuit board issue, possibly a stuck relay?

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