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Rebuild Frame On Sundance Cameo


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I have a 96 Sundance Cameo that I am finally getting around to rebuilding the cabinet. Ohio weather is rough, couple that with a leak (I think on some jets at the corners) and now it's time.

Here are a couple pics after we flipped it over to tackle the rotted wood frame.





You can see where the corners are where the leaks are (foam crumbled). The corner bases were so bad they did not survive flipping it over. I do have one to copy that is more or less intact. fortunately the bottom rounded corner is the sam eon each corner.

Most of the vertical 2x3's are in good shape, although I plan on replacing everything with treated 2x4's and recreating the perimiter board with 2x6's. I have a KREG jig for drilling holes at angles, so framing it up should only take a weekend. Once I get going.

I had removed the pumps after rebuilding the wet ends to replace the PS-201 seals and they have been sitting in the basement. I will have to replace the 220v terminal strip as one of the lugs rusted and broke when I disconnected it. Already found a replacement terminal block. Everything worked before I removed the pumps. I don't fault the water damage to Sundance... I just ignored it too long. I'm hoping it's just the therapy jet seals leaking.

I found one video where a Sundance spa leaked in the same places (same model) ... the lower most back rest therpy jets in the corners only have finger tight collars on the back. Might be a good place to look. Pretty sure the acrylic does not have any cracks that I can see.

I will post pictures as it gets done.

I'd like to see any other "rebuilds" if you know of any.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have all the corner posts replaced with treated wood. I need to make some new center uprights before I can attach the bottom frame of treated 2x6's.

I am going to rip a couple of the treated 2x4's in half for the center uprights and braces.

I got caught up in some mower repair work and did not get anything done last weekend.

I did burn all the old wood I removed, except a couple pices for brace patterns and the 1 curved corner I am going to use as a template.

I will post more pics soon.

The wife thinks I am crazy putting work into this since I still know I have a couple leaks to address. But I figure with under $50 in wood, the frame will be as good as new. I can easily get what ever I put back into if we sell it, even if it sells for parts.

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Okay I have finished replacing the frame... I did it in place, vertical piece by piece. I built the botom frame of 2x6's instead of 2x4's. this bottm frame will have rounded corners (but I assembled it like a picture frame). I used measurements from the mostly intact corner. I was able to replace each corner board by gently prying the wood (all they used was staples). Basically only the bottom most edges of the wood were rotten, which made removal easy. I used scrap to remake braces so some are 2x4 and some are 2x2's. I used several metal brackets for strength, and added a wooden gusset/brace to almost every board. Also 250 screws (3" and 2").

From the pics, items marked in yellow are new or salvaged from wood parts removed.







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Okay I cut the 2x4's for the bottom of the tub... these will be the last parts of the Framing refurb.

I noticed some PVC that appear to be open to the bottom and are likley there to be bottom supports.

I am adding a few more 2x4's than the tub originally had. I can definatley say the frame is going to be sturdy.

Once the concrete pad gets leveled, I will flip it on it's side, power wash the inside then sit back on the concrete.

I know I have some minor leaks to address.

I will post more pics when I get the chance.

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I got the tub frame done, and reinstalled the redwood panels. Some minor repair needed, Ohio Winter has been tough on them for 20 years.

The only areas I may have problems is the curved corner pieces. I found some Vinyl I think I can use to bend aroudn the corners if needed.

Temporarily I only put 2 screws per panel as now I need to:

  • reconnect spa to power
  • install the motors/wet ends
  • install heater plumbing
  • remove foam around corners (for sure where the back rest jets are)
  • possibly replace a couple slide gates, but those are easy enogh to get to
  • last thing will be replace the cover and make a cover lifter (assuming everything else goes right)..

If it leaks in the footwell, I will have to tip it back on it's side. Hopefully since I fully replaced the frame it's more structurally sound for that.

I have sourced some parts (online I think I might need).

Pics posted soon.

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I just got a cameo Sundance spa for free. The cabinet is completely rotted. When we went to flip it the cabinet just crumbled. You mention about some known areas of the jets leaking. I was wondering if you could show me which ones you had issues with ? Any pics you might have I was wondering if you could share ?  When we flipped it the foam was soaking wet so I’m pretty sure it’s been leaking. The people I got it from said they had to drain it so it was holding some water. But if I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do it right. Any info on where you the parts for the pumps would be awesome as well. Cause I’m gonna pull them and rebuild the pumps as well

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