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How To Build Own Jacuzzi From Wood, More Detailed Video


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I don't understand how you keep it warm. It looks like you would need to run a perpetual fire just to keep it above 100 F.Or is there an electrical heater I can't see?


I'm guessing you didn't watch until the very end of the video? You pretty much answered the question exactly. Looks like he has some sort of container and lights his fire inside of it, and then has some coils that run from the spa to inside the fire container. I'm assuming the water is sucked into the coil from the bottom of the spa which then heats the water up and shoots it back somewhere in the higher part of the spa. Cool design but having to light a fire (and keep it going everytime I want to use the spa would get old. I'd imagine you'd have to light the fire quit a few hours before you plan on using it.

I would have at least bought a gas burner and put it at the bottom of the fire pit container so all I would have to do is rent a big bottle of propane like you'd use on a BBQ gas grill and have the burner heat the coil so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping the fire going with wood (maybe he did something similar, hard to tell in vid) I realize my idea is the exact opposite idea that the OP was probably going for which is building a spa without spending big bucks.

asbarmarta, if i were use, in the future, id keep a watch on craigslist for old used spa's, and spa shells. When I bought mine, I've seen a few on there that was just the fiberglass shell or needed lots of work and since you've already got a box, you could easily get a used shell and drop it in and install all your jets/blowers etc into it. Thats what I did. I got my 6 person spa for next to nothing because the exterior box was rotted, and a couple jets didn't work.

Either way, cool build.

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