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Chlorine Question


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So I just bought a hot tub and have been using it for about a week. I have never owned a hot tub or pool so I really don't have any knowledge of chlorine or maintaining water quality. I think I just realized that I am using the wrong type of chlorine according to the manual that came with my hot tub. I bought, and have been using "aqua chem optimum chlorinating granules." I have been checking my water quality regularly with test strips and I have been having a hard time maintaining my chlorine level. I just went back and read my owners manual and it said "a granulated sodium dichlor is recommended." It goes on to say "never use sodium trichlor in any form including a tablet." Well after reading the label on my aquachem I have discovered that it is sodium trichlor. My question is can I go buy some granulated sodium dichlor and add it to the water or do I need to drain and refill at this point? Thanks in advance for reading this.

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You don't need to drain/refill, but the problem with not being able to maintain chlorine isn't because you used Trichlor instead of Dichlor. It's more likely that you simply weren't adding enough chlorine to handle the bather load. The only issue with the "Trichloro-s-triazinetrione" (it doesn't say sodium trichlor in the MSDS) is that it lowers the pH and TA. So be sure to check your pH and TA and adjust as needed. I suggest you get a proper test kit, the Taylor K-2006 (not the K-2005) that is far more accurate than test strips.

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