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Jacuzzi Santina Overheating Warning


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Acquired a Jacuzzi Santina hot tub when I purchased a home about a year ago.

Just started getting an overheat (OH) error; unit had been working properly before (so far as I know). It has been hot outside lately (around 90 or so), but I am surprised that this is happening all of a sudden. The water is definitely hotter than it's ever been before, and it's set low (around 95).

Pump and heater were supposedly replaced about 2 years ago. I tried swapping the filter, but waterflow seemed fine (the "Water Rainbow" and jets seem to have usual power). Issue persisted with a clean filter. Is there any troubleshooting to do on this?

The control panel is simple -- a red LED display, a temperature button (up/down), a pump button (hi/low), and the light.

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There could be couple of possibilities here

1. Control switch is not responding - you may have to reset the heater after the water has cooled down

2. Flow switch on the heater is not operating - You may have to check the flow switch and plug in connection on the system control module

3. Heater or the heater relay not operating / Malfunction - better off calling a tech or dealer to help you through this

Good luck.

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