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No Flow To Heater


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Trying to troubleshoot why i get the "RH NF" error (no flow or low flow to heater). Looking for any advice.

I've tried cleaning the filters. No change, removed the filters temporarily and still go the error. Opened the PVC out of the heater and let out some air (I actually heard a bit come out) and then water came out. But still get the error.

Any other suggestions?


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They recommend filling the spa thru the filter intake without the filters in during start-up, you may have a air lock, if you are getting visible flow, this is not the issue, you may have a corroded pressure switch, disconnect the switch and run an ohm test on it.

Page 27 of your owner's manual covers the initial things you want to check, there is a PDF of it here ~~~> http://www.spaparts123.net/files/2007_Platinum_OwnersManual.pdf

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Thanks again for the response spa guru. Apparently this model does not have switches. According to http://www.artesianspas.com/spa/platinumelite/quailridge.html it says "Switchless Motors The use of switchless motors insures the longest pump life of any spa on the market. Virtually failure-proof switches are used in the Platinum Elite Spas, instead of pressure switches"

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Switchless motors does not mean switchless heaters. often the flow switch is a couple feet away from the equipment, and if you have a FL error, it is coming from either a pressure switch or a flow switch.

The pressure switch looks like this;


Or this;


Your flow switch probably loos like this;


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