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Sundance Altamar - Circulation Pump Issue

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I just restarted my spa after having it off for some time. Did the cleaning and rinsing and then filled it up.

When the water level was correct I powered the spa back on, left the mode in standard and set the temp way down to about 81 matching ambient temp as I'm just making sure all is good before heating things up. I tested pumps #1 and #2 and they operate fine on high and low. Also I could see the circulation pump running with the little bubbles trickling from the port.

Then it just brought up the FLO warning, the solid FLO now blinking. With the sides off and viewing the flow switch I reset the power to get the system to reset and it is fine, If I run any of the main pumps it shows the switch making contact.

Now the interesting part, I reset the system again and this time I move the temp setting up to 84, and the circulation pump runs just fine, I can hear it and also see the bubbles. Then I back the temperature down to 81 which was about the temp and after cooling the heater is stops the circulation pump. This is where I'm not sure about things, since I'm on 24hour mode I would expect the pump to continue even after the heat is gone from the heater. So after maybe 3-10 minutes when I return the FLO warning is back and of course nothing is happening with the spa.

So to me it seem like the switch is OK as it does seem to move and work in some modes. The circulation pump will operate its not dead. Would this then point to the pump relay or the master control board??? Any ideas what a DIY guy can do now to trouble shoot?

Thanks, Dolfan

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Check the switch with one lead disconnected, you should get an open circuit (infinite ohms) with the pumps (or entire spa) off. If you don't, get a new switch. It should show a closed circuit (zero ohms) with the cuirc pump running. If you don't, retest without the filter in. You have not mentioned the method you used to clean your filter, or how old the filter is.

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