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Arctic Ocean - Swim Spa 2014

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Hi folks,

Due to some health conditions we're looking to buy a the Arctic Ocean since it has both swim and resistance exercise options.

Part of why we're looking at the Arctic Ocean is that it's one of the few standalone (meaning I don't have to fuss with additional contractors to get it fully installed) swim spas that will actually fit in our garage. I was looking at the SwimEx before but it was just too big.

Our dealer has been around for 40 years (California Backyard) - but they have terrible reviews, though so far the one person I've been working with (over phone and email) has been very helpful. Most reviews I can find of the Arctic are good and the it's the dealers getting the poor reviews, so I'm a bit worried there.

Also, I think this is a decent price, but without another dealer to compare against, I thought I'd try checking here:

Arctic Ocean Legend: 3 pumps, 45 jets

Forever floor, mylovac cover, trugard heater, bio-lock shell, onspa, Peak ozone 2


Wifi - $150

Family lighting - $200

Aquatremor deluxe - $1850

Onzen salt system - $950

Cedar storage steps - $315

Free salt & test strips, free delivery

So just over $30k with tax. This is about what I expected from looking at other swim spas, but I wanted to be sure that this was actually a good deal, rather than merely appearing like a good deal. Especially as they mentioned the "floor model discount" which seems to be a sales pitch rather than what's actually happening.

Other than our house, this is going to be our largest purchase ever so far, so I've been trying to do my research and get comfortable with it. It's definitely an investment worth making what with my health issues and plans to get pregnant soon.

Any other dealers of Arctic spas in the bay area? I'm guessing not since the Roseville location is what the Arctic site referred me to.

Thanks folks!

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