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Hotspring/ace -Can I Wait To Replace The Cell?

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I have a 2010 Hotspring Vanguard. I recently had to get a replacement Cell for my Salt/Ace System.

Because we do not use the tub in the hot summer months much and the fact that the Cell that produces the chlorine only has so much life, I was thinking of replacing the Cell in the fall, prior to heavy use in order to get more life out of the cell. What this means - For the next 3 summer months we would have a working tub with a failed Cell (which means no chlorine is being produced). I do shock the tub ever so often.

Question - would this hurt my tub at all? pipes - motors - pumps??? I am OK to wait or should I just go ahead a replace now?


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I'm not really following. Ace isn't a replacement for PH, Alkalinity, etc, it's simply a mechanism that constantly produces chlorine out of salt. Think of it as a little guy who's always adding a pre-determined amount of chlorine that you have programmed via your ACE menu.

You still need to balance your PH and Alkalinity with, or without ACE.

Now, you'll need to add a small amount of chlorine, or non-chlorine shock, since the ACE system is not working. Read your owners manual, or, just look on the inside of your filter lid for the cliffnotes version.

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Thanks again - I was thinking of putting NO chemicals in the tub and not worrying about balancing PH and Alkalinity since we will not be using the tub - My concern was if this could cause any damage to the tub or part inside?

I guess I could just drain the tub for the summer and replace the cell in the fall when we use the tub on a regular basis!!!

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Imbalanced PH and Alkalinity will can be very harmful. Ensure they're balanced, then once a week, drop in a teaspoon of sodium dichlor granular chlorine- no need to shock if no one is using the spa. The PH and Alkalinity will remain balanced once you get them balanced.

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