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Down East Not Starting On Its Own

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I have a Down East D3000 purchased in 2000 I believe.

It has a Balboa 51999/mas25 control board and basic 2 button control panel.

A year ago it froze and I just finally had the time to fix it. We assumed either the pressure switch or heater went out. I tested both, heater works fine and pressure switch seems to be ok. After reassembling it we tested it. When first started (breaker flipped) it runs through its flashing 0 then shows the water temp. After the five seconds it errors out with Fl with out starting the pump which I am assuming the heater shutting down due to no flow. If the light/jet button is pushed in those first five seconds it runs and heats. When reaching temp on low speed it shuts down, but won't start the pump when calling for heat again and errors out with Fl again. When on high it doesn't seem to be shutting down to low on its own after 30 minutes either like it should. I am trying to narrow down if it is the controls or the control board bad before buying anything since each is around $200. Is there an OHM test I can do at the board to check if the panel is sending the signal at start up to start the pump, which wires and reading? The water temp seems to be about 5-10 degrees higher than what the panel reads also, but I don't see a bad thermostat causing my issues but could see a bad panel or board giving me a bad reading.

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