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Help With Pool Leak

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I had a new Lonestar Fiberglass Pool installed in August 2013. It has leaked somewhere since. The installer has pressurized lines, replaced skimmer, we've tried everything. The pool drops at least 1 inch a day, regardless of humidity. It seems to slow or stop after it gets lower than the skimmer, and lower than the lights and discharge and suction line.

It has one skimmer, three lights, four jet spas (over the two seats), one suction/vacumn line and 3 discharge lines. I've done the bucket test many many times and it fails every time.

Any ideas out there?


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try to answer all the issues below and see what you come up with...I assume that the lights are the lowest fitting in your pool...unless you have a main drain. I would think that a fiberglass pool should also have a hydrostatic relief valve in a drain sump at the bottom of the pool, it could be stuck open, maybe some kind of debris in it. Lots of areas to look at in your pool.

* Ensure there are NO leaks on the equipment pad, even if it seems insignificant

* Know the rate of water loss inches/day

* What is the rate of loss with the pool equipment running vs. when it is not running?

* Does the water drop to a certain level and then maintain?

* In a pool/spa combo, isolate the spa. Does the spa empty when not being supplied from the pool?

* Turn off all auxiliary equipment (waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, etc.) Does the pool hold water better?

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