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So I have had my spa for a couple months now. I thought i had things going pretty well with my water but now I have the issue that my TA is at 120ppm, but PH is showing 6.8. If i use the spa up to get my PH in line will it not then raise TA to above what is recommended? (120ppm) We use the hot tub almost ever day and I have been using shock and chlorine after every soak. I'm considering just using more chlorine after each soak instead of it and shock, after being told that using that much shock could show up as CC when testing. Would the use of shock also effect PH but not TA? or the use of so much chlorine use from using the tub a lot effect the PH but not TA? What steps can I take to get PH back up without raising TA? I plan on doing a water change as soon as I can but its to cold here right now to do that.


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If the shock is non-chlorine shock (MPS) then that is net acidic. If you are using Dichlor for the chlorine then that is also net acidic. If you did Dichlor-then-bleach, then the pH would tend to rise rather than fall. See the stickies at the top of this Hot Tub Water Chemistry forum.

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