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Is My Tub Going To Freeze

Tubber McGee

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My Hot Spring tub is getting picked up by my dealer in a couple days to be looked at for a small leak. I am busy with work during the week so yesterday I wanted to prepare the tub for pick by disconnecting the wires and draining to tub.

For some reason my drain tube at the bottom of my tub was not working - it ended up having a couple inches of ice in the end of the tube - I had to take care of by pouring in hot water - Is this normal. I live in Michigan and the temps have been in the 20's and 30's.

After draining about 2/3's of my tub - I decided to wait because I was worried about the water in the lines and pumps etc....and read my manual on winterization

question - my tub is getting picked up in 2 days - - would the water in the tub (1/3) stay hot enough to keep my lines from freezing for two days? then just finish draining on day of pick up. Or should I completely drain tub - If I do that do I need to blow the lines?

Thanks for help!


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