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Tiger River Bengal...blinking Power Light


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i have a 2006 Tiger River spa and i have had a blinking light problem for years...once or twice a year i would go out to the spa and find the light blinking. i would reset the breaker and not have a problem for 6 months. occasionally i blamed it on the filter...so i would replace the filter and it appeared to fix it....but it would always happen again.

tonight i went to check on the spa as nobody has been in it for several months...and everything looked fine. So i cleaned the filter w/ the hose, knocked the silver ion a bit (there was some white crud on it) and tossed in some chlorine. i turned on the cleaning cycle and it ran for 30 seconds and tripped off...it hadnt tripped off in almost a year, but we hadnt used the spa more that a handful of times....fyi, we always keep the spa set for 100 deg.

i thought it might have been the filter...so i removed the filter and reset the breaker...same thing, it trips out in 10 seconds. i reset it like 5 times...you turn on the jets and it'll trip off in seconds.

does anyone have any suggestions? the recirc pump appears to be fine, i still get bubbles from the heater outlet like normal...you turn on the jets and everything seems normal there too....until it trips off.

anyone have any insight?

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Check the trouble light led's in the IQ2020 *after the red light starts flashing*- see if the "cntrl unplugged" led it illuminated, or if the "lim ok" is not. Should be either/or. You either have a communication failure, or a limit issue. Once that's determined, troubleshooting will be a breeze.

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On 1/29/2023 at 9:41 AM, Brad w said:

I have replaced the main board ona tiger river bangle model mm,  but the control panel won’t turn on the jets.  And on top of that the readylight is blinking and the new heater won’t turn on . I seen a jumper on the old main board on the pressure switch but figured by having a new heater the pressure switch was new.  Does this jumper bypass a pressure switch in the circ pump?  And I don’t even know where to start with the jets not turning on?  Should I replace the spa controller now?

Please start your own post. In that fully describe your problem and include pictures of your control box, the wiring diagram on the inside cover , the topside control and the equipment area. 

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