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Newbie Hot Tub Owner - Questions On Chemicals


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I am a first time hot tub owner and I'm in the process of having my electrical contractor come out to my home and complete the electrical connections to my HotSpring Grandee Hot Tub which I have 'inherited' from my neighbor while he is renting.

I have a question namely about chemicals and maintaining the water. There is lots of information on the net about how to maintain and treat the water with different chemicals.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what chemicals to purchase (maybe ones that aren't so harsh to the body and swimming suit?) and testing equipment? I'm very new to this and the subject and I'm looking for any information that will help me out.

I'm sure Amazon.com probably has everything I need, but I need help navigating the process.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the forum!

There are several different systems, with the most popular ones that are EPA-approved disinfectants being chlorine, bromine, and Nature2 with non-chlorine shock (MPS). Which one to use depends on some details about your spa and your intended usage so please answer the following questions:

What is the size of your spa in gallons?

Does your spa have an ozonator?

If you have an ozonator, does it have any adjustment for runtime or is it always on whenever the circulation pump is on (but probably off when jets are used)?

How often do you plan to use the spa? Every day? Every other day? Only on weekends? The key here is to know the longest time in between soaks.

How many people will be in the spa at any one time (typically)?

How long will people be in the spa (in minutes) during a soak?

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Here are the answers to your questions:

- 500 gallons (1999 Watkins Grandee Model G)

- Yes, it does look like there is ozonator

- I didn't see any specific controls for ozone (it is older - 1999)

- As far as usage goes, it would only by myself and maybe 1 or 2 more people on occasion

o This would only be used once or twice a week and could even be a couple of weeks between usage

o Typically I'm guessing the soak time would be 30 minutes per session


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It sounds like bromine would work best for you since you won't be soaking frequently enough to have chlorine be easy unless you were willing to dose in between soaks. Read the Bromine for Beginners sticky for more info.

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Chem geek,

I have a bromine tub based on 3 step bromine. It's really easy and my water is clear and low maintenance. pH has been good, it spike after use but the next day is 7.6-7.8, and TA 50-70. Ozonator is working overtime. I am at the end of week one and had to add just three tablespoons of bleach to adjust bromine to 5-6. I added tabs to the floater and the bromine level spiked to over 11 and had to remove the floater and leave the tub open for an hour and a half to get it under 10. If my bromine levels are consistent I should not add bleach to shock? Is that correct? And we are using the tub daily. Is bromine ok for frequent/daily use? Does this thread imply that chlorine is better for frequent use? It will for the most part be just the two of us but will it be safe before and after guests? I have the Taylor K-2106 test kit I've been using daily. Still learning,


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If your bromine levels are maintained from the ozone and floater, then you don't need to add bleach, at least for a while. At some point you might find bromamines that need to be eliminated by adding chlorine, but it's possible that the ozone may take care of them. If you notice the water getting dull/cloudy or notice a bromamine smell, you can shock with chlorine.

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