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Hot Spring Spa Leak Or Not?

Tubber McGee

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I have a three year old Hot Spring Vanguard. After changing my tub water about a month ago I noticed it was leaking - I would lose approx half the tub water in about a week - so it was a noticeable leak. After trying to fix any obvious problems - I called my dealer for a service call. My service tech came out and determined that they would need to come pick up the tub - take back to their warehouse and dig thru the foam to locate the leak. They said it may take a few weeks to get out to pick up the tub. The leaks continued for a few weeks. I would periodically refill the tub - it lost half its water a few times. So, now the confusing part - the tub has not been looked at or worked on for about 2 weeks and I have lost ZERO water. Its like the leak went away!!!! I'm dumbfounded! Any advice on what happened and/or if I should still have them look at it!!


Baffled in Michigan!

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Thanks Roger,

My ozonator line recently became clogged with a chalky substance - so my dealer came and serviced my tub and just disconneted the ozonator as I have the ACE salt system and they both are not needed together. I would assume that the tub was disconnected from the power source when the tech was doing the service of unhooking the ozonater.

But - still baffled on where it leaked from and/or how turning off the power could have done this?

Or I was thinking did the leak have anything to do with my ozonator issue??!?!?!?

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Hi Tubber McGee,

To ensure a long term solution on this young spa, I'd suggest having the dealer identify and fix the spa for you. You can call us anytime as well with questions. 800-999-4688.



---Hot Spring Spas---

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