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Will Alternate Sanitization Void Warranty?


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Good Morning...

I recently purchased a Marquis Hot Tub (The Show model) and I plan on using Dichlor/Bleach as my sanitization method. Will this affect my warranty? I assume that Marquis (and probably most manufacturers) recommend bromine or their own proprietary salt water systems. This was a fairly pricey tub, so I don't want to run into an issue and then be told that because I didn't follow the manufacturer's specs, that I'm on my own. Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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On the other hand, most spa manufacturers don't know whit about chemistry so if you were to tell them you were using bleach, even after using Dichlor initially to build up CYA, then they may have a problem with that. They would normally expect chlorine users to use Dichlor only. You should check your manual to see if it explicitly says that you cannot use bleach or other forms of chlorine. If it is silent about that, then you're probably OK.

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