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Blinking Red Light On Newly Installed Heater Relay Board


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We just installed a new heater relay control board on our 2004 Prodigy Hot Springs hot tub. It is a IQ2020 Heater Relay Board 74618. Plugged it in everything came on and the tub got to 102 and will not get any warmer. Opened the control panel and we see a red light blinking on the panel we just installed. Our old one didn't have a light on it. When I set the temp to 104 the ready light never comes on, it will not get that warm and if I turn it to jets or clean, it stops the heater like it is supposed to, but the heater will not come back on unless I unplug the power and plug it back in. If I unplug it and let it reset the heater comes on but still will only get to 102. Any ideas??

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