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Proper Circulation Function? Marquis Euphoria (2004?) Also Ozonator Question

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I have a used hot tub I'm trying to get working correctly.

Is it correct that my Marquis Euphoria, when on circulation/heat cycle, is only moving water through the pipes on one side of my hot tub? Both sides work when I turn on the pumps, and the blowers work.

The right pump (160?) is pretty hot but sounds as though it is working.

Also, it is my understanding that if the ozonator is working it will "glow". Should the glow be very obvious? I ask because I see no appreciable glow, in daylight at least, when in the ciruclate/heat cycle.

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You should have a spa with 2 large jet pumps and no small 24/7 circ pump. Therefore, when the spa needs to heat and/or filter one of your jet pumps will turn on low speed while the other pump will stay off.

As far as the ozonator goes, if it is a UV ozonator then you should see a bulb glowing. If its the original ozonator that came with the spa and is 9 years old it is doing you no good even if it does glow. Run without it for now and see how it goes, you'll be fine if you maintain you chlorine.

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